Live Table Management

Cost-Effective Table Management System

  • Resource Cost
  • Customer acquiring Cost
  • Operational Cost
  • Hardware Cost

Bookmyt ePOS

  • Flexible Menu Management
  • Digitalize the payment system
  • Get real-time guest feedback
  • Seamless integration with restaurant kitchen
Order and Billing
Customer Feedback

Order Direct

  • Take orders directly from customers
  • Remember & categorize guests
  • Live table occupancy
  • Live food preparation update
  • Give effortless experience

Customer Management

  • Know your customers
  • Reward your loyal customers
  • Run direct promotional offers
  • Complete touch-free experience
Order and Billing

Features Of Restaurant Table Management System Application

Turn the guest pain points into pleasure by redefining the overall dining experience with advanced restaurant tech- Book My T.


Table Reservation

  • Take reservations for walk-ins during peak hours
  • Send a text message to customer when the table gets ready
  • Allot the table directly by using the table allocation feature

Live floor Occupancy

  • Have a live view of floor occupancy at any given time
  • Monitor table occupancy time remotely
  • Efficiently manage floor and table occupancy

Table Administration

  • Customise the table structure, number of seats, table types, sections and floors
  • Plan each floor with section like bar, lounge, patio, etc.
  • Assign numbers to tables in rows and columns.

Digital Menu & Ordering

  • Upload & edit your menu, pricing, discounts, taxes, etc.
  • Capture guest data related to choice of foods, ordering pattern, frequency of visits, etc.
  • Sync order with KOT generation and billing

Digital Payment

  • Generate digital bill
  • Receive contactless payment
  • Save time & money

Digital Feedback

  • Receive guest experience through one click feedback system
  • Get an opportunity to close the loop immediately
  • Improve customer service

Loyalty and Promotion

  • Categorise Guest as Star and VIP
  • In-built loyalty Program
  • Generate Customised Promocode

Digital Experience

  • Live tracking of table availability
  • Live status of food preparation
  • Complete touch free experience

Live Food Preparation Update

  • Customer get real time update on order status
  • Can enjoy/utilise their time effectively
  • No dependency on waiter for update

Customer Reports

  • Get daily, weekly & monthly visit report
  • Track old Vs new visits
  • Track your history of growth

Sales Reports

  • Get daily, weekly, monthly and yearly revenue reports
  • Get itemized revenue reports
  • Get repeat and new revenue reports

Loyalty and Promotion Reports

  • Get day wise promotion performance report
  • Get guest wise promotion performance report
  • Track loyalty points redemption report

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The Identity

Book My T Inc, is a US-based product development company started by the founders and directors of Toyaja Inc, USA. It’s an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company, incorporated in 2004, headquartered in California, USA, with offshore presence in Hyderabad, India. Company’s brilliant and consummate staff also operates from a main international office in Hyderabad, India and numerous “global competency centres It provides custom IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. The business advanced from the 34-year-old, India-based conglomerate, Kapil Group, over $600M entity with 30 assorted businesses in its portfolio. Toyaja’s clients represent heterogeneous ventures, crossing such myriad verticals as Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Education, Media, Entertainment, Retail, Lifestyle, Logistic, Transport, Construction, Power, Energy, and so forth.

BookMyT not just spotlights on customers, it additionally centers around restaurant staff members by empowering them to get incentives and rewards, thus enabling retention of employees.

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