The Identity

Book My T Inc, is a US-based product development company started by the founders and directors of Toyaja Inc, USA. It’s an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company, incorporated in 2004, headquartered in California, USA, with offshore presence in Hyderabad, India. Company’s brilliant and consummate staff also operates from a main international office in Hyderabad, India and numerous “global competency centres It provides custom IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. The business advanced from the 34-year-old, India-based conglomerate, Kapil Group, over $600M entity with 30 assorted businesses in its portfolio. Toyaja’s clients represent heterogeneous ventures, crossing such myriad verticals as Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Education, Media, Entertainment, Retail, Lifestyle, Logistic, Transport, Construction, Power, Energy, and so forth.


The EUREKA Moment

We visited a moderate sized Israeli food joint, on a chilling winter evening in the city of University Ave., which is one of the bustling lanes for restaurants in Palo Alto, USA. As usual, the restaurant was fully occupied. Customers needed to wait patiently for their turn to get a table by entering their names and telephone numbers in the register. What’s more, there was no appropriate customer engagement process, directly from table reservation to the kitchen and shutting the table with cheerful clients. At that point, the Idea of creating BookMyT set off to help the restaurant customers by giving viable yet straightforward restaurant management solutions.


About Book My T Merchant App

BookMyT is a one of its kind, cloud-based platform designed exclusively for restaurants to achieve operational excellence. This core technological tool is a must have for the restaurants, especially in these times of digitalisation and uncertainties. BookMyT, a smart CRM, helps the restaurants to generate more revenue & reduce cost by streamlining overall restaurant operations. BookMyT not just spotlights on customers, it additionally centers around restaurant staff members by empowering them to get incentives and rewards, thus enabling retention of employees. BookMyT is the most advanced table administration framework that your business needs to optimise the operational cost. The guest information gives the insights about their buying behaviours, dietary restrictions, etc. What’s more, you can also take inputs from BookMyT’s proficient feedback feature to improve your customer’s overall experience. In the event that the customer is coming on multiple occasions, offer him/her loyalty points by BookMyT’s simple loyalty program. Not just that, you can make your customers feel super special by marking their unforgettable dates like BirthDay, Anniversary Day, etc. You can even check your client as VIP, so that next time when he/she visits your restaurant, BookMyT will let you know. BookMyT is a smartphone friendly user interface that can be accessed practically on any smartphone or tablet devices. BookMyT app is accessible in both Android, iOS and web platforms too.


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