Order Management Solutions

In the food industry, the success of your business depends entirely on how you handle the orders. Since the whole industry is struggling due to increasing expenses and decreasing margins and on top of everything, the current pandemic, we as a restaurant-tech company have come up with something great that will digitise your menu, ordering, payment & feedback. BMT is a perfect solution for your long term savings.


  1. 1. Digital Menu & Ordering
    • Upload & edit your menu, pricing, discounts, taxes, etc.
    • Promote offers & featured items
    • Up-sell & cross-sell
    • Save time & printing cost
    • Proper documentation of orders, bills & tips.
    • Capture guest data related to choice of foods, ordering pattern, frequency of visits, etc.
    • Sync order with KOT generation and billing
  1. 2. Digital Payment
    • Generate digital bill
    • Receive contactless payment
    • Improves billing efficiency
    • Replace cash management tasks like bank deposit etc.
    • Counter internal thefts of all kinds
    • Improve customer’s overall experience
    • Save time & money
  2. 3. Digital Feedback
    • Receive guest experience through one click feedback system
    • Get an opportunity to close the loop immediately
    • Improve customer service